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three little red heads [kenosha children's potographer]

Here is a sneak peak of a shoot with my little red headed nieces.  Hope you like them Levi and Tammie!

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5 Responses to “three little red heads [kenosha children's potographer]”

  1. Tim!! These are so great!! you did a great job capturing their cuteness . .. :)

  2. Love them! Can't wait to see them all :) You did such a great job and it was so relaxing for us as parents! Thanks

  3. Thanks Tammie. I have a cd burned and will get it to you tomorrow or Wednesday.

  4. What a cute family and the cutest redheads ever!:) Love all of them but one of my favorites is the picture of Bayli and Ava with the suitcase:) Great work capturing their personalities! Love looking at all your work!:)




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