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agci picnic - nashville,tn

we are in nashville, tn for the agci picnic (agci - the agency we went through when adopting jaxson) and there are so many beautiful ethiopian children here. unfortunately it is VERY hot, so I wasn't actually able to get too many of the kids with happy faces (unless of course they were by the small water area cooling off). i wanted to post a couple of pictures i got today. hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “agci picnic - nashville,tn”

  1. LOVE it!!! That pic of Z is gorgeous!!

  2. What beautiful children and awesome photography! Thanks for sharing part of your day!

  3. It's already been decided that you guys need to make another trip to Nashville soon so we can have a photoshoot :)

  4. Troy - sounds like a plan!!