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snow sculptures | photographer racine, wi


so we decided to venture out of our house and into this bitter cold weather we are having to check out a snow sculpture competition downtown.  WOW, these guys are some true artists.  not only does their work look amazing, they do this in 15 degree not my thang, but I was in awe of how intricate these were and how much they paid attention to the details.  here are a few.

they take an idea ~ some in form of a sketch, some a model and some from a photo.

here is what their canvas looks like

and this is the end result

look at the detail

j had a good time just running around (had to include a pic of him)

towards the end of the night he decided to hang out on, what he thinks is his new chair, enjoying the Christmas tree

someone got jealous and wanted their picture taken as well

have a great week everyone.

chevelle | racine, wi photographer


so i'm not a huge concert goer but my brother is friends with the band Chevelle so I've gotten out to a couple of concerts of theirs, which by the way are a great live band.  this week they were in milwaukee so i went out to the concert and brought my camera.  i had an all access pass so i was able to get up front for the first 2 songs with the press to get some great shots.  i had a great time shooting at this concert and would love to do it again.  here are a few of shots that i got (had a hard time choosing ~ i'll probably do another post of some more later).  leave a comment letting me know what you guys think!


one of the opening bands was Finger Eleven, here are a couple of shots of them.

Mmmm...Smore Cups | racine, wi portrait photographer

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my wife can bake some very dangerous desserts!  here is one she baked this weekend ~ Smore Cups.