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kayla...Part I [racine, wi senior picture photographer]

Here is part one of a senior picture shoot I'm doing for my cousin.  Check back later for more...  I encourage you to leave comments (good, bad, and otherwise) because I love seeing what people think about my images.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog.  I appreciate ALL who visit!

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5 Responses to “kayla...Part I [racine, wi senior picture photographer]”

  1. Great job Tim! Beautiful girl!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Kayla you are sooooo beautiful!! Oh yea, good job Tim hehehe, seriously thought these are great.

    Love always Aunt Kristie

  3. Great job Timmy!! You are getting so good!!!

  4. Love them wish I could see more. Good job Tim my fav 2 are the one with her sitting and her shoes in front of her and the first one with the brick wall. ~Trina

  5. Love them! Can't wait to see all of the rest of them!:) Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with Kayla:)
    Love you, Mom