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EVP 2010


Ok, I know your probably thinking "Geez, this guy is posting constantly, he's getting annoying."  My answer to that is that I simply want to get images that I've shot before I had a blog up, so that everyone can see what I do and kinda what my style is.  So I apologize if your getting annoyed with the many posts...

Anyways, the past few years Racine has hosted the EVP (Extreme Volleyball Professionals) tour.  The beach is usually crowded with people and its a great time.  I brought my camera along as I seem to be doing more and more lately wherever I go.  I just thought I would share a couple shots that I took.  Enjoy...

isabella and maddox [kenosha children's photographer)

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Yesterday was a hot day and we were pretty much outside most of the day.  A little part of the day was having my godson and his sister act as models for me.  Maddox and Jaxson are about 6 weeks apart, so they are bound to grow up as buddies and play on the same T-Ball and Basketball teams.  Here are a few pics from the shoot.  Hope you like em' Jeremiah and Ali.



what's in these...Domes? [racine children's photographer]


A couple of weeks ago Dawn and I took our little guy to the Milwaukee Domes.  I've never been there before, so I wanted to see what exactly was in these Domes and Dawn thought it could be a great location to get some pictures of Jaxson.  So for those of you that don't know; there are 3 domes.  There is a Tropical, Desert and a Show dome  (show has a themed floral display).  It was pretty cool, but a little overpriced.  Anyways, here are some pictures from that day.  Hope you enjoy!


As always, thank you for stopping by!  Have a great weekend everyone.

little e & little o


First off, thank you to everyone for the encouraging words...they are more than just words to me.  I really appreciate all the comments!

So this past weekend my two little nephews were in town from MN and I was able to do a little shoot with them.  Owyn (9mos) was a little under the weather but we did the best we could considering how miserable he felt and Ethyn (2yrs) loves his golf clubs (he never wants to put them down), so we had to adapt a bit and ended up getting some shots of him by the most perfect sign.  Make sure to check him out in the 2029 PGA Tour...he has natural ability with his form. Anyways, below is a sneek peak from the shoot.  Hope you like them Skeates!

here it is....My Blog!


So here it Exhibit/Blog/Display Case!  For those of you that know me, I've been becoming more and more interested in and practicing photography.  In doing this, I've been encouraged by my wife and other family and friends to pursue it more and I have decided to take the next step, which is displaying my work and to offer my services to more than my family.

So, this blog will be my portfolio, my exhibit, my display case.  I hope all of you will follow along with me as I learn more and more and create images that document and display moments in time, moods, character and personalities.  When stopping by, please leave me comments if you like what you see, dislike what you see, are indifferent with what you see or if you just want to say hi or offer any encouraging (those that know me, understand I need this) words.  Please check back every couple of days as I will be posting pictures that I have done in the past and some more recent ones.

The second part in me moving to this next step, as I mentioned above, is extending my services (does that sound right…services? oh well!) to friends, acquaintances, strangers, get the point.  I, at this point, am not comfortable charging anything for doing a shoot, but in time will get to that point; however, my time does cost me (precious time away from my little boy and wife), camera lenses and etc are not cheap, props and etc...cost money.  That being said, if you like the images I have captured for you and would like (please DO NOT feel like you have to - even if you know me) make a donation or whatever, I would be very appreciative.

So that being said, if you would like to book a shoot with me, I would LOVE to capture your newborns first couple weeks of life, your child's personality or milestone, or your family and how it has grown or any other type of event/shoot you can come up with, please email me at timothyprust @ gmail . com.  (don't worry about the spaces in my email, that is only there so the people fishing for email address on the web don’t send me junk mail)

Thank you all in advance for stopping by my blog, leaving encouraging comments, comments of like or dislike (please be honest, just know that your house may be TP'd if you do..j/k!) or anything else.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Jen Ingersoll @ for your design work of my blog and logo.  She does great work at very reasonable prices. So if you are interested in design work or custom blogger blogs, check her out at her blog which is linked above or the link on the bottom right hand side of my blog.  Thanks again Jen!