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here it is....My Blog!

So here it Exhibit/Blog/Display Case!  For those of you that know me, I've been becoming more and more interested in and practicing photography.  In doing this, I've been encouraged by my wife and other family and friends to pursue it more and I have decided to take the next step, which is displaying my work and to offer my services to more than my family.

So, this blog will be my portfolio, my exhibit, my display case.  I hope all of you will follow along with me as I learn more and more and create images that document and display moments in time, moods, character and personalities.  When stopping by, please leave me comments if you like what you see, dislike what you see, are indifferent with what you see or if you just want to say hi or offer any encouraging (those that know me, understand I need this) words.  Please check back every couple of days as I will be posting pictures that I have done in the past and some more recent ones.

The second part in me moving to this next step, as I mentioned above, is extending my services (does that sound right…services? oh well!) to friends, acquaintances, strangers, get the point.  I, at this point, am not comfortable charging anything for doing a shoot, but in time will get to that point; however, my time does cost me (precious time away from my little boy and wife), camera lenses and etc are not cheap, props and etc...cost money.  That being said, if you like the images I have captured for you and would like (please DO NOT feel like you have to - even if you know me) make a donation or whatever, I would be very appreciative.

So that being said, if you would like to book a shoot with me, I would LOVE to capture your newborns first couple weeks of life, your child's personality or milestone, or your family and how it has grown or any other type of event/shoot you can come up with, please email me at timothyprust @ gmail . com.  (don't worry about the spaces in my email, that is only there so the people fishing for email address on the web don’t send me junk mail)

Thank you all in advance for stopping by my blog, leaving encouraging comments, comments of like or dislike (please be honest, just know that your house may be TP'd if you do..j/k!) or anything else.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Jen Ingersoll @ for your design work of my blog and logo.  She does great work at very reasonable prices. So if you are interested in design work or custom blogger blogs, check her out at her blog which is linked above or the link on the bottom right hand side of my blog.  Thanks again Jen!

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7 Responses to “here it is....My Blog!”

  1. First comment on the new blog! And I've already got you loaded into my Google Reader. I love the website and can't wait to see more of your handiwork. Let us know when you open up your branch office in Virginia and we'll be your first customers.

  2. love it!!! and yes, your time and ability IS valuable and yes, you SHOULD be compensated for it. and by the looks of your photos, you should be compensated WELL, my friend!!! :) Check out Zenfolio for a photo hosting website for photographers-it is kind of like Etsy for photographers, my neighbor uses it and it is pretty cool. EXCITED for you!!!

  3. Timmy I love the blog!!! Cant wait to see all your picture creations!!! And do I love that I'm a part of it! :-)

  4. WOW,Tim...I am so impressed. You definitely have a talent and an eye for catching beautiful, breath-taking images. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone for professional photography. If you are serious about a career, I would be happy to recommend you as a reference to Roma Lodge for their wedding receptions, etc... I wish you the best of luck! Sandy

  5. Thank you ALL for the encouraging and kind words. I appreciate all of your support in this endeavor.

  6. Sooo, when we last saw you, you mentioned a trip to San Diego. As you know, Jamie will be a Senior in the fall and will need some Senior Photos, just a thought. They certainly would mean much more if someone she knows and loves took the photos. Let us know when you will be here. :) Love and miss you.

    Aunt Kristie

  7. Congratulations and good for you for starting your own business!!! Your photos are amazing- can't wait to see more! I always say I want to be a photographer when I "grow up" too. Right now it's just a very expensive hobby though. Wish you the best!!