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shortest session ever | childrens photographer racine, wi

this weekend i did a little impromptu session (if you want to call it that).  it is not joke that a photographers most difficult subject is their own kids.  this session lasted about 2 minutes.   anyways, i do like how the few that i got turned out.  will for sure be canvasing one of these.

 the family picture :)

at this point he was done, so my camera was the subject

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4 Responses to “shortest session ever | childrens photographer racine, wi”

  1. Such beautiful crisp, artistic shots! I'd agree 100% with you that our own children are by far the hardest to photograph. You did a great job though!

  2. Look at the outfits on this little guy! You guys have got to stop with the cuteness. It's killing me. Great pics.