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chevelle | racine, wi photographer

so i'm not a huge concert goer but my brother is friends with the band Chevelle so I've gotten out to a couple of concerts of theirs, which by the way are a great live band.  this week they were in milwaukee so i went out to the concert and brought my camera.  i had an all access pass so i was able to get up front for the first 2 songs with the press to get some great shots.  i had a great time shooting at this concert and would love to do it again.  here are a few of shots that i got (had a hard time choosing ~ i'll probably do another post of some more later).  leave a comment letting me know what you guys think!


one of the opening bands was Finger Eleven, here are a couple of shots of them.

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5 Responses to “chevelle | racine, wi photographer”

  1. You have a talent!! Wonderful pictures!

  2. These are really good Tim! Did you get a flash for your camera? With or without it they turned out Great!! They should make a poster or flyer with these pics:)

  3. All I have to say is GREAT work! You really captured their honesty and soul while performing. The shot of the guitar is my favorite.

  4. Visiting through Ashley... I was wondering what kind of camera you have and lens that you used for this concert. I take photos for my hubbies band. I use a canon low light lens 85mm f/1.8 my body is a canon30D. do you have any tips? Awesome shots!

    1. I used a Canon 5d Mark ii with a Canon L series 24-70mm 2.8 lens. This lens is somewhat of a wide angle lens when all the way out, so it can give a unique composition to shots. Tips- watch the lights and see if you can find a pattern and look at your shots in camera to see what lights do what and how it looks. Move around and try angles and perspectives. If you could show me some of the shots you have taken maybe I may have some other insights or tips to share. thanks for visiting and the kind comments. I actually went on tour with them for 4 or 5 days and have yet to get to posting some of those concert pictures. that is on my to do list, so check back for more. thanks again.